Saturday, July 31, 2004

Oh, yeah, here's what I'm more or less refuting

Damned Big Difference is devoted to showing Kerry is so much different than Bush, and that Nader's run is futile and destructive.

I find it instructive this site is not long on references (rather it focuses on sort of op-ed-y pitches speaking in broad generalities for most of the time, and specific votes very rarely), and oddly (to me) does not have any contact links. Surely, if you are supposedly debating whether or not there's a difference, you're open to dissent. Or something. But alas, no. Apparently the site's owners think it speaks for itself entirely (and, as noted on a Counterpunch article about F 9/11, it seems to concentrate largely on this election, and not reforming the system in general (i.e. links to grassroots movements writ large; MoveOn is a good start, but not encouraging to me).

Ciao. Read below for the folly of Kerry as Any One But Bush.

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