Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hooray... I'm sick to my stomach...

Randi Rhodes and Air America Radio are possibly the last patriots left…

There’s so much wrong with Iraq right now, where the fuck to start.

Randi is reporting today that the US has been using Napalm in Falluja… a quick google search provides back up for this. Although the Pentagon apparently denied this last year, they also apparently admitted this last year (thanks to J Continuum fave Our use of napalm is also reported by the Sunday Mirror, the Independent, Al-Jazeera, and Alternet, both last year (where we tried to claim, apparently, that our technologically updated Mark 77 Napalm bombs were ‘remarkably similar’ to Napalm, but not napalm) and THIS year, in Falluja. (But hey, at least the media has done a great job of covering Falluja, right?) FUCKING. SICKENING.

Supposedly, there have been some calls before the UK House of Commons to take the US to task over this, described ever-so-Britishly as a “row” that insisted PM Blair take account of this and threaten to withdraw UK troops if such actions continued. Dollars’ll get you Pounds Sterling that this Napalm thing doesn’t break out into the open, much less get Blair to make any serious noises against Herr Bush.


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