Tuesday, April 18, 2006


It's hard to believe this many US ex-generals are chewing Rummy out, and seemingly publicly.

Of course, this, and the continued revelations about Bush and him being a lying scumbag apparently still isn't enough to convince politicians other than Russ Feingold, or a majority of Americans, to consider impeaching Bush (though a majority do now support censuring him in some way, according to WaPo). (Washington Post.) Sweet goodness and light, preserve the fuck out of us.

In other news, in my continuing "Where da ladies at?" series, featuring shout-outs to countries who've actually managed to achieve statutory equality to the point of electing a female head of state, big ups to South Korea, though apparently, I'm somewhat unique in, you know, giving a shit about this, judging from the number of big news organizations popping up in my Google Search. (In-post correction lazily made instead of changing post: Seemingly, Ms. Han has only been nominated and is not yet confirmed as PM, though she is expected to be. I'm sure that explains the lack of news splash in the MSM...)

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john Vandermeer said...

Not at all surprising about rummy. Chomsky's most recent book, Failed States, is perhaps his best ever. Not easy reading if your a human being and care about other human beings. Imagine, he says, if Hamas said "Ok, we'll recognize three isolated bantustans, equal in area to what Israel proposes for Palestine, as a state,." And much more.