Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mr. Bush, Tear Down That War

Keith Olbermann writes a fantastic piece, "The Beginning of the End of America", that everyone should read. It's so good... (How good is it?) I'm so glad you asked. It's so good, it made me quote Ronald Reagan in my title.

Ok, the Johnny Carson bit there was unnecessary and unfunny, but still, take my word for it, read Olbermann's piece. It's one that (I think) can speak to Middle America, something us lefties are too reluctant and too infrequent in doing.

(Bonus fake Johnny Carson bit from Emo Philips performing in Winnipeg, later channeled by Kevin Pollack I believe:

"It was so cold, last time we were here..."

(How cold was it?)

I'm so glad you asked. It was so cold, last time we were here we contracted gonorrhea, just for the burning sensation.

Rim shot! Ti-di-boom.)

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