Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'll Admit It

I smiled.

Oh, how glorious to hear "Yes we can" right now (especially instead of Drill baby Drill!!!!)

Goodbye Sarah Palin and John McCain!!!!

Goodbye (soon) GWB!!!

And hello to the ability to saying "My country isn't racist; one its best presidents was black!" <'/tongue planted firmly in cheek'> =}

Oh man -- Jesse Jackson crying. That choked me up a bit.

Oh -- here's mom, yelling "In my lifetime! In my lifetime!"

Congrats to us all.

Now comes the audacity and the action. Vamos, pues! Si, se puede!


Chris said...

Shannon says she loves you. At present, she's dancing ballet, because that's how she expresses herself.

Daktari said...

I woke up this morning with a shit-eating grin on my face. What a turn of phrase, right?

But I also thought of you. And after your earlier post in the evening, I was sad that you didn't seem to find any comfort in what has happened.

Imagine my relief to see this post this morning.

We take our first steps today. And I know this is weird, but I wish I could have seen your mom and shared her excitment. Give her big internet hugs from me.

J said...

I woke this morning relatively comforted after listening to NPR for a bit. Though I was briefly horrified at the mention of Rahm "Anti-Anti-War" "I tried to stop Dennis Kucinich getting re-elected, yes I know he's in my own party" Emmanuel as a possible chief of staff.

My mom is still ecstatic. It's mostly worn off for me. Though I am very happy to see such an overwhelming success -- 328 electoral votes now? Though also somewhat rather horrified by the race X income graphic here. McCain won the majority of white votes, 51% of whites earning less the $50,000, 56% over $50,000. While it's interesting/significant that Obama did better with Whites under $50,0000 income, it's still disappointing -- comparatively Obama won 86% of non-whites under $50,000 and 75% above.

What a stark difference.

Hmm. I'm see-sawing between being relatively happy and relatively blasé. The thing that gets me constantly is, as Raj says on the linked site,
Tonight, I can't read Langston Hughes' Let America Be America Again without crying. When Hughes uses "America" twice in the title of his poem, he uses the word to signify a promise and a betrayal. Tonight my tears come not through the joy of a Democrat elected to the White House nor, it must be said, from one gin and tonic too many. For me, tonight is painfully familiar; the betrayal can’t be far off... I've no doubt that the Obama presidency will disappoint the vast majority of those who voted for him - he will not redistribute as forcefully, nor demilitarise as vigorously, nor change quite as hopefully as he offered.

Raj said it better, and with less darkness of attitude, than I could manage. He is somewhat sad and resigned; I just tend to feel more negative the more excited I see someone, for I don't see them as being excited for the small step this is, but rather the perception that it's a quantum leap. Raj compares this to the hopes quashed over the Blair years after they'd been so high following John Major's ouster. I know it's coming, and I'm just not a "celebrate symbolism" guy. Brass tacks and facts on the ground are my stock in trade.

Anyway. I'm moving myself in the wrong direction. I can hear my mom squealing with glee on the phone with her friends upstairs. I'll try and tap into that, and let prophecy tend to itself, as it were.

Congrats to us all, once again!