Saturday, April 18, 2009

Absolute Insanity

HuffPo has more examples of the wildly over-the-top and hysterical Teabagging protests, from "Barack Hussein Obama: The New Face of Hitler" to a quite well-drawn poster of Obama slitting Uncle Sam's throat from behind, to "Obama: What you talkin' about Willis? Spend my money?" and "The American Taxpayers Are the Jews for Obama's Ovens" and "Obama's Plan: White Slavery."

Two points:
a) Wow, that is some amazing batshit wingnuttery, and
b) Seriously? Can we really pretend that this doesn't have at least something to do with race for a lot of these protesters, from the "white slavery" worries and Diff'rent Strokes references, among other things?

My mind, she is being blown (like the winds of gayness blowing each other in the concerned video from Stephen Colbert).

The weird thing is, as Jon Stewart said, these people have taken the worst/most nonsensical aspects of the politically leftist protests in terms of hyperbole and crazy attention-drawing but hard-to-take-serious costumes, making it hard to agree with them, even when you agree with them.

"...People whose theatrical flair makes it impossible to take them seriously, even if you agree with them. [beat] 'You know, Big Boobed Obama in Her Underwear Holding a Mutilated Elmo is right about our government.'"

I mean, I do agree with some of the points about funding banks over real, actual people, I do have concerns about the bailout, there's constructive conservative-progressive common ground to be had... but I'm thinking me & Mr. White Slavery Accusation just wouldn't see eye to eye enough outside of that essential point to make constructive use of any zone of agreement... [sigh]

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