Saturday, January 07, 2006

Also in keeping...

...With last year, we present a bouquet of non-resource intensive atypical non-clichéd flowers for L's birthday.

Aka: reposted web flowers.

Flowers are from (respectively):
Stellenbosch writer Jim Holmes and Monique Twine, © Jim Holmes

Ian Leslie Harr from Exotic and Ecologic Photography

Vivian and Erhard, from a German webpage of the same name

Dorothy Berg of the Florida Council of Bromeliad Species

Rhett Butler of his Brasil section of

And, this last beautiful shot which is not a flower at all, from Sue Wren at

Happy Belated B-Day. I wasn't on time, but I'm putting my heart into it.

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Anonymous said...

L thanks you very much for the thoughtful and heart-warming Bday wishes and informs you that your ranking on the specialnessmeter appears to be rebounding. By the way, last year's Bday wishes were neither late (as per an earlier note) nor anticipated.