Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Post for An Audience of One, Part Two

Following in the steps last year's belated birthday wish for J-Friend L, this year we wish to offer a happy birthday to dear L a little less belatedly, though nonetheless inadeuqately punctually. That is to say: I am an ass.

Happy Birthday!!!!

This year's happy stuff (as opposed to last year's post-MLK day MLK information): Violence in the world is down. This being a trend of the past couple decades, as large regional conflicts are ceding way -- perhaps the UN really IS successful, contrary to all the naysayers????? Exciting thought -- I have absolutely no proof, but it can't hurt that it's more fully dedicated itself to peacekeeping and humanitarianism of a different type and region since post WWII reconstruction, and for the last two decades, exactly the type of large scale wars the UN is (in theory) meant to prevent are declining.

Also, of course, evolution & science won in Dover.

Jon Stewart will host the Oscars. (This may end up not being a good thing, but for the sake of attempting to find mitigating cheerfulness to counter recent J-assishness, we'll ignore that and assume he'll be scathing, topical, humble, and correct, and a dazed Hollywood will find itself caring about something besides itself on Oscars night.)

The whole Citgo/Venezuela thing where Hugo Chavez (prez of Venezuela) has been donating heating oil to our nation's poor.

Um, and, oh yeah, the Colbert Report (finally viewed on J-Parents' overpriced cable rather than the overpriced home cable J refuses to pay): funnier and much more well-directed than expected; completely as scathing as expected. Nice.

Oh, and last, school vouchers were deemed unconstitutional in Florida. Assuming L shares some of J's distaste for vouchers, then yay.

Soooo... these are no MLK kick-ass quotes for the 2006, but they're somethin'.

Happy Birthday, dear friend.


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