Friday, August 29, 2008

The Once-in-a-while Blog for Natural Argumentation Enhancement

So, those Enzyte folks have finally been taken down. Anyone who watches tv after midnight knows of the once-daily tablet for natural male enhancement. It seemed so wildly fraudulent (mainly cuz it was) that it was a wonder it made it so long on TV. (Of course, so did Miss Cleo, our favorite fortune teller, before she, or rather the company what paid her to act as Miss Cleo on TV got -- I've gotta say it -- blindsided by their prosecution.) Of course, there's a new one out on the heels of the government taking down the towering presence that was Enzyte in the male-inadequacy field. People underestimate how little monitoring of "the market" the government does, despite constant cries of over-regulation (somewhat dulled in the current context). Enzyte's been bilking people since approximately... forever. And by forever I mean a number of years. Repetition works my friends; inventor of modern advertising and public relations Edward Bernays was many things, most of them negative to some degree (even his Uncle Freud found him over-the-top), but he wasn't wrong about repetition. I'm sure Enzyte's successes... well, gave him a nice big woody from beyond the grave.

There are, of course, much more important things going on, like my thesis writing, though I also here there was some kind of thing in Denver that was kind of a big deal.

(No, honestly, I watched a lot of C-SPAN yesterday and was inspired and uplifted, despite knowing that none of these fools actually supported the dismantling of the American Empire and our blatant exploitation of the rest of the world. They mainly support making our exploitation less blatant, but nevertheless real. So mainly what they accomplished, as far as the J is concerned, is making me remember how comparatively relaxing it is to have a president and politicians who can talk the talk, even as they are not only not walking the walk, but have sold the walk and hired lower-paid foreigners with no rights to labor protections to pretend to do the walk, while gently persuading with a carrot and a gun their home countries to open their borders to a flood of American investment and capital and Boys what went to Chicago that disadvantages their own people and impoverishes their public finance system, education, and infrastructure.)

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