Friday, August 15, 2008

Better double-bag it. You don't know where that vote's been.

True story (metaphorically speaking), from another brilliant comic from xkcd's Randall Monroe. (Click for larger version.)


Daktari said...

Great writing. Interesting perspective. Novel ideas. A friend turned me on to your blog and I've been enjoying the reading, but I don't see anywhere to sign up for an RSS feed. Hope you add one soon.

Daktari said...

One of my lab mates (Liv M.) is the sister of your colleague Suze. Liv sent me the link to your blog, thinking perhaps that we have similar outlooks? I believe you met Liv at ESA. Alas, I had already returned to Carbondale. Otherwise, I'd have been downing black and tans at Mo's with you guys. Maybe next time! ;) Anyway, I'm a fan of outspoken knee-jerk liberal ideas (and I mean that in the good way...LOL) and especially of people who can both think and write, so not surprisingly, I've fallen in love with your style. I haven't quite gotten a handle on your POV, but it's certainly an interesting and entertaining ride. As for me, I have several blogs going; blogspot is fairly tame, but acceptable for family members. I have others under which I blog anonymously, and if I can ever figure out how to send someone an email through this, I'll provide you links.

Keep up the good work. And don't be surprised if I jump in the fray and comment on your entries soon.

Bon soir.

penn said...

teehee. I love this one too.

I also think it's neat that your sidebar updates with my most recent post.