Thursday, September 11, 2008

Its You're Problem

Hee hee. Too true.

I'm kind of a spelling diva, but I usually at least manage to keep it to myself, since it matters naught 75% of the time, and barring rampent crayzee miss pellyings, it doesn't (in my at least circles) correspond with a lack of erudition or learning, and the meaning is usually clear nonetheless, so why worry about it unless you simply enjoy worrying for its own sake? As Language Log often points out, "It's just the rules!" by itself is an unconvincing and senseless argument (not to mention whenever people say that about grammar at least, they seem to usually be wrong, in accordance with Muphry's Law).

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Daktari said...

Speaking as someone who once made a decent living with a red pen, I have to check myself a LOT.

Then I became a scientist and realized you can let an apostraphe and missppelling slide now and again and now one in this proffesion cares.

But, in honor of your post, I will share with you this wonderful photo.