Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh, Barf. And I'm not talking about the famous Mog played by the late John Candy.

"Politifact" reviews lies, distortions, pants-on-fire lying by McCain.

I'm sure one can find similar items in Obama's campaigning -- indeed, I think PolitiFact itself does if you explore the website -- but of course, a) it's not like I think O's a saint, and b) saying everyone who may be president tells outrageous lies is not a defense, it's a cause for seppuku.

But seriously: ew, just, just, ew. Jonny Mac should be ashamed of himself; if he ever did think of himself as an honorable politician or a reformer, he shouldn't now. But I guess if you spend that much time up Bush's ass, you're bound to end up covered in shit.

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