Thursday, October 16, 2008

ACORN: A Good Apple

I was outraged that Obama didn't bother to defend ACORN against McCain's ridiculous charges last night.

ACORN registers people to vote; we all agree this is a good thing, right? Well, the voter fraud charges against them are largely BULLSHIT, and I'm here to tell you why.

Three articles:
Nuts About ACORN: Believing in vote fraud may be dangerous to a democracy's health.By Dahlia Lithwick


So where's the ACORN voter fraud? and Republican Voter Fraud Hoax by Brad Friedman (US citizen and not-voting-for-Obama-er, despite what the commenters at The Guardian UK thought. Read the endless comments for a gamut of arguments, and scary shit about the socialist revolution that Obama is self-apparently NOT leading, not to mention that most people couldn't even correctly define any of a myriad of CORRECT definitions of socialism or distinguish it meaningfully from communism... I know it's bad to say, but I once again am ready to leave this shit and emigrate. Actually, for the first time -- last two elections I felt it was my duty to stay, but fuck that, I need a change of arguments at least, even if there's stupidity and disagreement everywhere. I need NEW political viewpoints and arguments to feel condescending towards, no more American discoursic treadmilling for me.)

(Of course, I have no actual plans to leave. But dammit, I'm getting too old for this shit. =)

ACORN is getting slammed over ridiculous, fictional sh*t.
A) They're required by law to turn in all filled out registration forms, EVEN IF THEY ALREADY KNOW THEY'RE FRAUDULENT. Would you rather ACORN itself decide which registration cards are good and which aren't?
B) They VOLUNTARILY report irregularities; one police raid of their offices was to seize files THEY'D ALREADY REPORTED AS QUESTIONABLE, without being asked. In fact, most cases "against" ACORN have been on people they themselves have turned in.
C) They register MILLIONS of VALID voters each year; the fraudulent cases represent less than 0.5%.
D) No one has EVER successfully linked voter REGISTRATION fraud, and actual VOTER FRAUD -- because all voters have to show up with an ID. Consequently, ACORN has never been connected to VOTER FRAUD.
E) They do NOT pay by the registration card; they pay BY THE HOUR.
F) They register ANYONE who they encounter on their drives; Dem or Rep. They focus on urban, poor, and minority populations. The majority of urban, poor, and minority populations are DEMOCRATS. Maintaining that ACORN is biased because they population it services is primarily Democratic is like claiming that the Detroit DMV is racist against whites because most of the people it serves are black.


Daktari said...

Ok, this is what I find amazing. At the same time I got bored with who was going to win the election, I began to start to feel the angst that comes with the actual election.

Sure, the ACORN thing is total bullshit. But I'm really hoping for a complete blowout. A blowout that sees Obama turning so many Bush states blue that there won't be any Supreme Court cases that leaves the election in limbo.

Of course, that comes with it's own set of problems. The Hill and the West Wing so blue that they are without any checks and balances.

J said...

Hmm. I don't know I think the Republicans provide actual useful checks and balances -- sure, they can be obstructionist, but they're as likely to obstruct things I believe strongly in as Democratic missteps. I suppose something is to be said for keeping Congress within the "acceptable" -- that is, many of the things I thnk they "should" do might make them vastly unpopular in the US. But on the other hand, I think neither party offers what I want, by and large. So checks and balances comes down to: will either party stop the excesses of the other I care about? The answer seems to almost always be: no. So. I'll be aggravated and dissatisfied under Dem hegemony; I'll be aggravated and dissatisfied if the Republicans maintain an obstruction-capable minority.

All the more reason for multiple parties, so I can root whole heartedly for "Crazy Environmentalist Socialist Green Party" and, hey, if it's a party with all of 3 representatives, at least I have 3 people who's view I really believe in rather than a couple hundred that I'm largely skeptical of but hope will occassionally do something sort of like my progressive agenda.

I'd be happy enough with a proportional voice, even if my proportion is small. I'm wholly dissatisfied by having a party, at 50% or 100% of the Congress and White House, that I'm as afraid of as much as I endorse. (As opposed to the party, that I'm just afraid of.)