Thursday, October 02, 2008

...martingales will play. A funny way to analyze the financial crisis.

Slate's Jordan Ellenberg likens the financial crisis to flipping a coin in a cogent and wry way. Read it.

Also quite good was an article he linked to about a Stanford professor who started as a high school-dropout traveling magician and went on to be a discipline-crossing intellectual matchmaker of a statistician. (He also, apparently, proved that flipping a coin is only ~49% fair.)


Daktari said...

Both good articles. You know, I think we need to find something we disagree on so we can have a real conversation. =)

Either that or we both need more readers to throw into the mix.

Daktari said...

Did you see this one?

I'm not a G.K. fan, but he had a few good lines in this one.

Daktari said...

my html is wrong.

Here's the link.