Monday, February 14, 2005

A Post for An Audience of One

Apologies to any who see this who are not among the target audience of one (1).


Happy Valentine's Day, Happy 25th Birthday, Happy Black History Month!

This was the least-cliche way I could think of to wish you a happy V-day.

Let the celebration commence! In 2 weeks.

There's a lot of celebrating to be done.

Just for extra treats: one of the best MLK, Jr. speeches, much overlooked, much more militant, and partial basis of my speech last January: Where do we go from here?

A great book by Edward Ballthat, among other things, implies most white Americans are more African than might be expected (though the Smith history specifically is unknown to us).

Roy Wilkins less well known Civil Rights Leader.

And, to return to the other themes, Happy Valentine's Day, and a conta deste dia de "ficando bebedo/a e então conseguindo etc." pode ser pagado, como sempre 'tavamos dizendo, em pouco tempo.

No intervalo, va praqui: Cute things, pretty things, flowers, and random joke -- without killing any flowers, giving any money (directly to any corporations), and with a certain bit of homemadeness that hopefully avoids cliche.

(Pode ser que esta website nao dará corretamente a primeira vez -- reload umas vezes e deve dar.)

E sim, se pede depois que ver, vou tirar esta "post" do website.

Muitas letras, J

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