Tuesday, February 08, 2005

J Hits the Big Time/J Fails to Cash in on it

*Warning Warning*: Semi-self serving post and references here.

It's with much excitement that we see an actual increase in traffic on the blog of late, in large part due to a link from Slate from a relatively good review of a Slate article by Jack Shaferon Bush's treatment of the media that got linked to on Slate at the bottom of Shafer's column.

Sadly, reviewing the traffic dats makes it appear that clickers from Shafer's article neither stay on the Continuum very long, nor spend much (any) time looking back at previous posts. (This might be in part due to the relatively uncritical first-appraisal of Shafer's article, now partially corrected.)

As a public (self-serving) service, linked here are some of my personal choices as best previous postings, in the hopes someone will click through and, if I'm very, very, lucky, finally post a comment, incite some conversation and debate and, then we're on our way to truly engaging, enlightened blogged exchange of ideas, a colletive Demosthenes and Locke type exchange, a la Ender's Game..

SO, my own hit parade (insert sound of horn tooting here):

From practically moments ago, "Thank Goodness it was only crushing neglect", which has excellent facts even though it is mostly meta analysis (if even that).

A pretty good recent on here: Media BS: Can you spot the media bias? Actual original analysis and commentary included!

A seems-like-it-should-be-controversial, but-no-one-appears-to-have-noticed bit on Yushenko and the Ukrainian elections, "Proxy Servant", which I would say may have proved prescient if I could find any of the articles in prominent news sources referring to growing questions of Yushenko's true democratic questions (if memory serves, that was approximately the name of the article I saw, I thought in NY Times). Instead, follow up here (on Bloomberg news) and here. Though I won't be picking the present post as part of a future best of, I should nonetheless in fairness add dissenting opinions of the Yushchenko gov, as well as other links from less "mainstream" outlets to possible problems (including this doozy). But the point in the original post stands -- where's the two (or more) sided analysis? (And then there's the completely tangential part about female representation in government...)

Quickly now, other favs:

The Moral Bankruptcy of Michael Kinsley & co.

Kerry and JoeMentum

Post Election Analysis: so bad it's good

J Loses his optimism

I didn't like John Kerry

And last for now, my favorites on media (lack of) analysis.

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