Thursday, February 03, 2005

Know it, Love it, Use it

Today's meme (the J-Quivalent of the Unfiltered talking point): Bush as Kim Jong-il.

Wait for it, wait for it, ok, here it is:

Jack Shafer, gumshoe Slate media critic, takes on Bush, or more to the point, develops a cogent indictment of the Bush secrecy anti-media "pro-freedom" anti-freedom faith-based Machine. To whit, Shafer lists the numerous ways the Prez has tried to keep us from knowing what the Prez and crüe are doing. (Homework: Use Prez and Crüe the next time you write anything about the Bush Administration.) His strictures on FOIA, browbeating of the press, and use of Scott McClellan (illegal sidetracking, five yard penalty) are breathtaking, to me, in their horribleness. This is one of the Bush legacies no one's talking about -- perhaps because he's doing a good enough job that no one knows about it.

Anyway, go to Shafer, know the Bush-Jong-il meme, love it, use it, spread it.

(Extra credit: Start refering to the Prez & Crüe only as the Bush Crime Family, a la angry, angry Mike Malloy.)