Monday, February 07, 2005

Then again...

Loyal readers may have seen the exultant post of recent about "Bush as Kim Jong-Il". While it seemed to me that this meme itself was hyperbole with a real point, many Slate readers make some good points about some problems with Shafer's article. I still am, essentially, a big fan of it (as poster Joe_JP points out, Shafer pointed out enough lies to earn his keep), but the rebuttals are not wholly without merit -- at least in terms of learning how many of them responded to the tone and content of what I believe is a true message by S.

So to any readers out there like Thrasymachus, I acknowledge that B is no K J-i, of course not, and to say so does bear a resemblance to Bush is Hitler hyperbole. But in this case, I thought it was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, and has important points besides the stretched comparison (and yes, I realize "it was only a joke" is the oldest one in the book, but c'mon, irony's got to be ok sometimes, right?)

All other readers, continue preaching the word, if you would (minding your hyperbole, of course).


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