Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Absolutely Fabulous

In today's New York Times:

"Judge Kramer's ruling left no argument against same-sex marriage unexamined, and virtually no glimmer of light for the attorney general's office or the other groups that filed briefs in support of current state law. At one point, Judge Kramer compared some of the arguments made by same-sex marriage opponents to those made in cases dealing with antimiscegenation laws."

This is only a preliminary ruling, and the "pro-Family" anti-equality groups are already foaming about the attack on marriage. Sauce for the goose, Mr. Staver...

Added bonus plus: Tom Delay ("The Bug-Killing Dwarf King of the NeoCon Death Cult") is having some problems (for example, being an ethical eunuch).

AND: catch Lewis Black, that's Lewis "I'm so T'd off I'm LACTATING!" Black of Daily Show fame, will be on Randi Rhodes' show today with Mark Maron on Air America Radio. Run, don't walk, to listen to this on the radio or stream online.

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