Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Oh... good.

Bernie Ebbers (Jr.) convicted.

There might still be a point to my previous entry on corporate corruption... though I hid the point in that late night entry so well that even I can't find it.

But what do you think? Martha Stewart, extra attention because she's a woman, she's famous, or because she's a famously successful (and cold-seeming) woman?

I still think there was disproportionate attention compared to the size of her crime, even considering her previous fame.


PS Oh, so so sad. Lewis Black and Marc Maron so bad on Randi Rhodes on AAR. They're mostly entertaining themselves. I got to hear their fake Swift Boat Veterans' for whatever cause the right wing is paying them for again, it's good every time, but still. Two such sharp guys, and they're mainly talking about "behind-the-industry" stuff on standup. Not that I don't enjoy this type of thing ever -- just, you know, not now. They're unfocused, and the whole, ya know, political side is kind of, you know, not there. C'mon Louis -- I know the angry guy thing is at least partly an act -- but get on it! There's a lot to be outraged about, don't leave the rest of us to bleed from our ears alone here!

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