Tuesday, March 15, 2005

This is a real ad by conservatives, oh yes... oh, no. This is horrible! I quit (walks off eating frozen peas...)


ACTUAL ad used by USA Next (made from the ashes of the Swift Boat Vets' I think; who knew that shit could rise like a phoenix, too?)

The couple in the picture, from Oregon I think, are suing USA Next for its use of this picture -- remember, this is a real, actual ad by conservatives, illegally using a personal picture of real, actual gay people.

USA Next apparently believes, as playfully mentioned by the hosts of Unfiltered a bit back*, that the AARP has some plan to use their legion of aging persons to, I don't know, graffiti an X on all of our soldiers with spray paint, and then refuse to give their tax dollars for the US' defense so they can hold receptions for a legion of marrying gay men (with green checkmarks)?

(Of course it wasn't a picture of kissing lesbians -- not homophobic enough! What do "men" fear most other than other men kissing?)

The article about this couple suing USA Next is here on Salon, though Salon has a subscription or "watch this commercial" option before you can read it (sorry).

If I recall from the news I heard earlier, the judge in the suit's hearing (or some other preliminary procedure) felt they had a good case, since their permission wasn't asked, and it appears to be supporting a discriminatory message. Oops.



*I miss you LIzz Winstead!!!!

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